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This large Variety Pack contains 500 premium, high resolution stock illustrations for creative professionals, all in easy-to-use jpeg format. All images are premium-sized, hi-res (300 dpi) in either black and white or RGB color.

Animals, people, and various objects are featured. For a preview of all images, see click here.

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Art for Advertising

Marketing is driven to a large degree by effective advertising. Advertising is driven by effective communication. Effective communication, more often than not, involves meaningful words accompanied by visual signals, including images. In fact, for many centuries, public communication has leaned heavily on graphic displays. Modern advertising certainly does.

Advertising images includes high quality photography as well as precise technical illustrations of products and the features that make them superior to competing products. But there's more. Meaningful design and many kinds of secondary illustration do more than decorate billboards, print and web ads. They add visual persuasion and convincing power to the messages of the most effective advertising.

Advertising illustration is a very personal tool in any ad designer's arsenal. Not just any cleverly composed illustration or pretty photo ads meaning to an ad. For this reason, much of the art offered by ClipArtDog is in loose art element form, with a single color background, usually white. This makes it easier for creatives to arrange individual bits of art as needed.


Coming soon:

More high quality art for advertising and promotions.

Categories will include people, cowboys, western, sales and marketing, cartoon dogs and cats, buildings, rockets, cartoon mice, food, fast food, cows, landscapes, birthdays, special occasions, greetings, space travel, seasons, work, robots, occupations, faith, holidays, community, home, industry, backgrounds, and more.


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